Dubai airport photos

Like the buildings above, this facility was originally built as a hangar for giant airships; however, it has been converted into an artificial indoor tropical resort. Though it’s third on the list by volume, Aerium is the largest single hall without supporting pillars in the world.

Dubai Airport officials wanted to improve the older VIP facility located elsewhere.

The intention was to establish an “improved, bigger and better VIP facility,” said Zaigman Ali, senior officer for press relations and communications for Dubai Airports.

The new Dubai Airport facility expects to serve 85,000 customers in 2008 and more in the next year.

“At Dubai Airports, we are constantly seeking to add value to our product offerings, and enhance the quality of customer service.

The new Al Majlis VIP facility is a reflection of that very approach.

A dedicated, state-of-the-art facility for Al Majlis means that we have the additional capacity and the latest in technology to enable us to serve our customers better,” said Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports.

The VIP facility will has a glamorous reception for all guests, 17 luxury lounges for those waiting to depart and meeting rooms for business men and women to conduct business while in transit.

The facility also includes shower facilities so you can quickly freshen up, free wireless internet, luggage service, secured parking, a duty free shop within the area, ATM machines and limousine service, all with multiple payment options for your convenience.

The facility is designed to accommodate for everyone with special needs as well. The idea is to provide a home-like or office-like environment so you don’t feel like you are traveling. In fact no matter how much you hate getting in the plane, the arrangements will make you want to look forward to traveling.

The facility is completely integrated with the airport in the sense that it has services like check-in, check-out and immigration. It promises to be faster and more personal due to a smaller group of passengers that it serves relative to the rest of the airport.

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