Japanese Garden

If you have visited and admired a Japanese Garden I don’t need to tell you how perfect and inspiring they are.

But what appears to be simple and ordered in its appearance is really the result of hundreds of years of tradition, protocol and specific rules and meanings. To understand a Japanese Garden is to fully appreciate it in all its glory.

If you are curious to learn about Japanese gardens or like me have been tempted to build one after visiting some then my manual is just what you need. It covers the whole subject of Japanese gardens in simple plain English. Everything and I mean everything is explained in a simple to understand straightforward manner.

And, don’t worry if you are new to the idea of a Japanese or Zen garden, my manual tells you everything you need to know about these special and beautiful creations.

Similarly, if you already have one and cherish its design and style, my manual is packed with lots of ideas for improving and maintaining your ‘Haven’ at home.

Japanese Garden
Japanese GardenThe really great thing about Zen and Japanese gardens is their striking simplicity…less is more.

No cluttered beds and banks of shrubs and trees for you, traditional Western gardens tend to look overcrowded with no ‘balance’ between the ingredients.

Japanese gardens follow very specific design rules that are easy to understand and implement. You Do Not have to be a ‘Master Gardener’ with years of training behind you.

Take a look at some of the comments fellow Japanese garden lovers have said about my manual ‘Japanese and Zen Gardens’:
Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden
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