The architecture of the city of Dubai is absolutely breathtaking.

You can tell just by looking at the pictures below.

One of the Emirates of United Arab Emirates, Dubai is known to be one of the most progressive of the Emirates.

It showcases the best of worlds: the old and the new.

The old and the new cohabit in a harmony that is unique to this place.

One can see veils and hats, souks and malls, traditional villages and skyscrapers, dhows and luxury liners complete in sync with each other.

The old and the new both draw equal amount of attention from tourists all around the world.

Easily connected by plane, Dubai is considered to be the shopping capital of the Middle East.

Beautiful Burj-Al-Arab hotel in UAEDubai has a hot subtropical climate, and rains are few and far between.

That does not stop people from enjoying the sights and sounds of Dubai.

One can visit the old Bastakiya districts, the Jumeirah mosque, the Camel Market, and the Heritage Villages in addition to checking out the most magnificent self proclaimed seven star hotel of the world.

Dubai Hotel
Dubai Tower
Dubai Top Towers
Dubai road
Dubai style towers
Dubai underwater h0tel
Dubai Buealdings

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