murree vellay

Murree is a popular summer resort of Pakistan. Murree is very beautiful place in pakistan. Murree is about 30km from Islamabad. The word Murree is derived from the word 'marhi' which means high place. Muree is one of the largest resort in Pakistan. Murree is accessable by the road from Islamabad and rawalpindi. You can watch many animals in Murree pakistan. Galiyat is famous due to presence of monkeys. There are chain fast food stalls such as KFC at Mall road. There is an amusement park to entertain children. On the same road are restaurants and hotels. There are many shops in Murree selling souvenirs and crafts. It is possible to buy traditional items such as traditional clothing. The Restaurants also has thrilling games for children such as a Jumping Castle, Trampoline, battery powered cars and an Arcade. You can also visit Kashmir Point where you can see the hills of Kashmir. There are many Hotels in murree like PC Bhurban, Jawa Hotel Murree, 34 Morning Side designer hotel and Shangrila Resort Hotel Murree you can stay here. The main attractions of Murree are its natural scenery and refreshing atmosphere. It is an ideal place for a family get away and vacation. Public transport Busses and Taxes are also available. Temprature is low in Muree. I advise you that you must visit Murree Pakistan.

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