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JAKARTA (Pos Kota) - Change the environment in this region is very striking because almost all the places to stay along Jl. North and dam Tebet Barat, Jaksel became much like a business place in Bandung Ciampelas area.
Warga Jakarta certainly no stranger to Warung Tegal Warmo who was standing about 30 years more on the edge of West Street in Tabet with diverse food with typical prices of Tegal or cheap.
Warung Tegal never Warmo always quiet especially during the opening hours of a full 24-hour visit and is always busy citizens of Jakarta. Especially the young subjects in the former 1980's and 1990's. Existence became one of the favorites to visit during the night until early morning.
The presence Ginyo Restaurant, Ayam Bakar Mas Mono, Burger D'John, Comic Cafe, Goat Bakar Madu, Soto Kudus, Meatballs Ceker Bandung, Soto Gebrak, until Meatballs Tukul surely become a new attraction in this area.

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