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If you are IT minded and you read carefully all the stories contributed to this blog, you will find it rather annoying than amusing that even professional journalist has to kneel in front of technology. Academy study purpose, it as told the story that Jeff Ooi a self proclaimed professional journalist (which I love his stories about politics and twisted stuff) is humiliating his fella Malaysian in front of misunderstood judgement made by authority due to lack of technology knowledge and followed a twisted guideline with loopholes which lead to biased judgment.

Ask any tech makers, programmers or engineers, there is no such thing as 100% "zero technical glitches guarantee" in this planet. Ever since the made up cases (read here) did by AKN Mtech (aka M3 TECHNOLOGIES (ASIA) BERHAD) Uncle Lim to create urgency and demand for his software, the way the couple Lim + Jeff (read here) poisoning public by cooking the "repeated offenders" story is shame and disgusting. Their foolish act further damage Malaysian IT society image, proves that Malaysian are so low tech even what is "technical glitches & common human errors" vs "intentional crime & scam" also don't know how to differentiate!

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