visit swat

While I was surfing the internet a few days back I came across to an interesting link. Many people know that I am a travel-loving person so searching and surfing such pages is not a surprise to anyone. That web page was about The 100 Most beautiful places in the world, I was glad to my extreme to see the name of Pakistan in that list, and the best part of this whole experience was the fact that the building it was referring to in that page is from my hometown Lahore. Anyways if you are interested in having a look of that list, it is here.

I was talking about Pakistan and the most beautiful places in Pakistan that one must visit. I have been lucky enough to travel a lot in Pakistan but still there are many places that I have not visited yet. Here I am sharing most of the pictures of the places that I have not visited yet however, I would love to go there. The credit of the picture I am sharing goes to the original photographer (I do not know who it is).

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