valley of beauty

North Pakistan Adventure” has a well-established history of delivering quality services through our qualified and professional staff. Our guides are highly experienced and ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. They are conversant with all aspects of the trips and provide you a deeper understanding. Our staff members are mostly from Northern part of Pakistan and they have been involved for more than ten years in the field of tourism and all our guides are well acquainted with local people, culture and terrains.
We arrange, Horse, Yak and Camel safaris, Cycle tours and fishing tours, scientific research tours, filming tours, organize some ancient traditional festivals and any especial interest of tour. We are in the position to offer you wide scale of different programs and itineraries for the groups as well as for individuals. We have several programs of adventure and culture in the region of Himalayas, Karakoram, Hindu-kush and Pamirs.

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